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comprehensive business law firm protection with no surprise bills and no hourly fees
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Nasir Pasha
comprehensive business law firm protection with no surprise bills and no hourly fees
Call (800) 691-7144
Nasir Pasha
comprehensive business law firm protection with no surprise bills and no hourly fees
Call (800) 691-7144
Nasir Pasha

Transforming Industrial Companies Digitally

We have helped them evolve in ways and they could've never imagined, by creating new-bold and aggressive corporate identities, implementing exciting competitive advantage and executing systematic new business acquisition we have helped hundreds of companies increase their sales… Dramatically!

The goal of industrial shift is to help industrial, manufacturing and business service firms transform from organizations that are utilizing dated/traditional marketing and new business activities into powerful and dynamic digitally driven sales and marketing machines leveraging the same strategies that market makers are utilizing today.

Let us help you take the steps necessary to transform your organization into a next-generation vendor. Make the change and assume a leadership in your marketplace!

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Will your digital strategy keep you competitive?

The race to the top of search engine success is well underway… Companies are recognizing the critical nature of capturing traffic from interested web visitors while having the ability to turn that traffic into actual customers.

We now live in a time where smaller less capable organizations have the ability and technology to out-market and out lead generate and ultimately outsell their once untouchable competitors. The importance and execution of a productive and successful digital strategy has never been more important or more important to the future of manufacturing industrial and business service companies.

The door to Internet competition is wide open… however as many companies become more digitally sophisticated and understand the importance of having a powerful digital strategy… The race to the top requires a solid strategy, creative communications and savvy technology and execution.

The time is now to get serious about your digital position and what your organization's plans are to engage the tactics and strategies that are helping Companies catapult over their competitors.

Learn more about how we can help you successfully engage and implement a digital strategy that will provide you the competitive edge it takes to out-market the companies in your industry.

New Customer Acquisition & Retention

Industrial Sized (& Shape) Solutions

  • Growth Through New Customer Acquisition:

    New customer acquisition is the lifeblood of a growing progressive organization. Having a systematic and ongoing affective new customer acquisition program in place will be key in helping companies compete in this changing marketplace. The growth opportunities in today's exciting marketplace are abundant for the company with the right plan in place.

    Lead generation Through New Customer Conversion:

    Customer acquisition starts with affective lead generation, a healthy pipeline and an effective digital marketing and communication strategy to keep the new business opportunities flowing. We can help you employ industry’s latest and most effective new customer acquisition strategies and technologies.

    Are you going to attract enough new customers this year to meet your sales goals? We can help!

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Bringing bold, creative and successful digital strategies to market!


Engage your


Search work
better and
Communicate Better!


Display & retargeting
advertising… We’ll make
it work for you.


Better results from
better insight of
what’s happening now!


Empower your customers-
provide them mobile
access to key functionality

Pay per Click

Be found by customers
who are looking for you now!


Connect better… provide relevant, desired information Ongoing


Nothing communicates
like a well done video…
or (ten of them)!


Innovative Desktop App…
breakthrough connectivity
one click access!


Online Sales Lead Gen, Pipeline Population and Management System

Industrial Shift… Industry’s Next Gen Digital Agency!

Industrial shift is an innovative and exciting new breed of digital agency that is providing industrial, manufacturing and business service firms access to and the ability to leverage industries most proven and successful digital strategies and tactics that provide new business opportunities and sales revenue growth.

Using our decades of industrial sales and marketing experience and teaming it with industries most talented and proven digital professionals industrial shift is changing the way that company's market, sell and grow their organizations.

Let us help you implement and execute these proven, metric driven lead generation and new business acquisition strategies in your organization. Growth is a decision… Learn more about our exciting, systematic Shift Platform of digital sales and marketing programs that are aimed at helping you succeed. Make the decision to grow.

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our team
  • You never had to wonder if the deliverables were going to be there, they were always there when they said they were going to be. They always exceeded expectations...- President of a Machine Tool Organization
  • When we started with Tom’s group we had one building now we have nine!- President of a Custom Crating Manufacturer
  • MarketShare West brings that large marketing department to the smaller company...- Vice-President of a Custom Transformer Manufacturer
  • "Tom came in and gave us an outstanding look that helped us look great... Since working with these guys, we have more doubled our business…"- President of a Die and Laser Cutting Manufacturer
  • All I wanted was new customer a week and I would be happy. And by gosh we did that. I always would look at our production board and I would see new names of new customers… the program works- President of a Custom Crating Manufacturer
  • Our sales have increased from 1.5 million to 4 million dollars a year- President of Machine Tool Manufacturer
  • Through the SalesSERV program we are pretty much set for future growth because we are going to maintain all our leads and nurture them… we are pretty much set for the future!- Vice-President of a Custom Transformer Manufacturer
  • "Like I tell anybody who asks me if you are going to spend the money, spend it with these guys. It’s not cheap but the return on your dollar is well worth it..."- President of a Die and Laser Cutting Manufacturer
  • "Having MarketShare on board has really been a very gratifying experience. They show up early for meetings. They’re on time and ready to go..."- President of an Automotive Component Manufacturer
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